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New Web Project – Musicians Gear

Musicians Gear Musical Instrument Shop
Musicians Gear Musical Instrument Shop

Another in the line of small Amazon powered shops in my portfolio. This makes use of a domain I’ve had kicking around for sometime and not used (one of the 300 or so!). Musicians Gear has turned out to be quite a large Musical Instrument shop, stocking virtually every instrument and accessory available, from Grand Pianos to Bass Guitars, Bassoons to Picolos, Mixing Desks to Guitar strings. The inventory is simply huge! I’ve teamed up with Amazon again for this project, allowing me to give customers the best service possible when shopping for Musical Instruments. They also get fantastic discounts too…

Behind the scenes it uses The easiest way to build a complete Amazon Affiliate Store which is Associate O Matic and enables you to build  customizable, Amazon powered web stores very quickly. If you’re interested in having your own Amazon Affiliate Store on your site, I can offer full installation and customization services now, so please drop me a line here with your requirements and I’ll be in touch.

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