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I’m Going Primal!

A Tasty Primal Salad

For most of my life, I’ve been a bit of a weedy kinda guy. I’ve never been classed as Over Weight, but I’ve got a bit of a spare tyre going on round the middle and carry a few extra pounds over and about what the Docs say is “Ideal Weight” for me, and I’ve never put on as much muscle as I should. I’ve always wanted to be a bit bigger muscle wise, but never found the time or inclination to pursue any serious training to do anything about it.

At school I never really liked sport, except maybe tennis & badminton. I’ve ridden a bike since I was knee high to a grasshopper, but running… ha… forget it… gym workouts? They last about a month and I get bored. But I seem to have reached a point in my life now where I’ve realised I really do have to get off my arse and get fit, get the body I’ve always wanted but never had a clue how to get, and really knock myself into shape physically.

Well after trawling the net for what seemed like days for ideas on how to get fit, after seeing millions of “Lose X Pounds in 30 days”, “Get Ripped in a Week” and all these kinds of programs I came across a post on Zen Habits, a blog I read regularly. The post was by Mark Sisson, owner of Primal Blueprint, and what can I say, Going Primal made total sense in every way!

The idea behind Primal Blueprint is one that fits in with something I’ve been thinking about a lot over the past couple of years… Why do we eat so much processed crap… what happened to “Proper” ingredients for food, and what would happen to my body if I just decided to eat stuff that Man hadn’t messed about with? Surely my body would thank me for it, right, if I ate plenty of nuts, decent quality meats and a ton of fruit & veg? Surely if I cut out anything that “We” the human race had messed with, wouldn’t my body become the shape and size it’s programmed to be by Mother Nature?

So I had a look at his site Marks Daily Apple and whoa… this looks like just what I’ve been thinking about… A Eureka moment for me at least. The whole thing made sense, cutting out processed fats, sugars and other horrible stuff from our diet, and eating plenty of the things we used to eat, like Berries & Fruits, Meat, Vegetables! So I read a little more, and the more I read, the more I became fascinated by the whole concept of “Going Primal”.

The idea is that if we eat what we’re meant to eat, our bodies will take on a natural, toned shape as programmed by our genes. Ok so not everyone is going to look the same, but we’re all generally genetically predesigned to look a certain way.

So what does going Primal Mean?

Going primal means going back to eating the same kinds of things we used to eat 10,000 years ago, before Agriculture brought about a massive change in what we ate by introducing grains into our diet. Back then, we’d have spent most of our days foraging and hunting for food. We’d all have been far more active than we are now, and we’d all have eaten healthier stuff. No donuts, no bread, no cakes, no sweets, refined sugary stuff, no hydrogenated fats or any of that rubbish. Just good quality vegetables, berries, leaves, meats, eggs, nuts & seeds.

When you think about it, it makes sense, but then you start to think “Hey, I like Donuts and the odd burger, and I chocolate too!” and going primal can indeed seem a bit of a difficult thing to do. Especially when you come to the big one… Wheat! When going Primal, anything grain based, or most importantly Wheat based is totally off the menu due to the effect wheat has on your body. I’d never have thought Wheat could have such a profound effect on your body, but the facts are right there on Marks site and in his book!

I’ll expand on why Mark says wheat is so bad for us in my next post, but it looks like Going Primal, not only makes sense, but it’s going to be a bloody big challenge… looking through our cupboards, there’s so much stuff that contains wheat!

  • Pasta
  • Museli
  • Wheetabix
  • Bran Flakes
  • Biscotti
  • Cheerios
  • Corn Flakes

… and the list goes on.

I thought our cupboards where relatively healthy, but when you start analyzing the ingredients list, it scares the living daylights out of you.

So over the coming weeks I’ll be posting about mine and my other half’s (yes Tina’s giving it a go too!) experiences with going Primal, including recipes we’re trying, the big cupboard audit, exercises we’re trying and more!

Photo by Mr T In DC

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