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Learning to Run!

Believe it or not it’s taken me ages to come up with a title for this post! Do you really learn to run? I guess you do.

I’ve never been a sporty person, always dabbled with a bit of weight training, the occasional game of squash, the odd swim here and there, but nothing serious. Anyway, last month, Tina suggested we started running, with a view to maybe taking part in a 5k run, then maybe a 10k or even a half marathon at some point. We both seem to have reached a point in our lives where our health is of real concern. Ensuring we’re on this planet for as long as possible to support our beautiful daughter and give her the start she needs in life is incredibly important to us. So getting fitter through running seemed like a good idea.

Starting Slowly

We tried running this time last year, and we did the usual – This is easy, flat-out legging it as fast as we could and I think we both managed to keep it up for a week, two weeks max. This time, we started slowly:

Walk for 3 minutes

Jog for 2 minutes

Repeat 3 times

Sticking to a pace that’s comfortable when jogging worked well. Just fast enough to get your heart pumping, but not so fast you’re ready to collapse at the end of each 2 minute session.

One Month On

We’re both really please with our progress to say the least! We’ve progressed 3 mins walk – 2 mins jog to a constant 25 minute jog at a very reasonable pace indeed! I don’t think either of us have ever ran that far in our lives. Plus our recovery time is now down to less than a minute when we do decide to push ourselves which is incredible.

There’s little or no weight loss yet, not that either of us need to lose a great deal, we just need to tone. But we’re certainly seeing the benefits in our overall fitness.

Golden Rules

  • Do Start slowly
  • Do Little and often – Do the above regime 3 times a week
  • Don’t go out and buy new running gear

An old T shirt and Joggers will be fine. And wear your most comfortable, old trainers. When you’ve proved to yourself that you’re going to stick at it, maybe 2 – 3 months in, go invest in some decent running gear. Splash out too early and there’s an increased chance that swanky new running vest and those high-tech trainers will just gather dust until you decide they can go to the charity shop.

Prove to yourself you can stick at it, then reward yourself with new gear when the time is right.

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