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Get Fit For Summer – Day 1

So we have just 7 weeks now until we go on holiday and as usual… it’s kicked in… The desire to look half-decent on the beach so when we don our Wet Suits my Fiance and I don’t look like a pair of Walrus’s! It’s time to start a little hard work, watch what we eat and get more active to try and shed those few extra pounds and possibly gain a few pounds of muscle in the process.

I’m starting pretty easy, but we’re going for quick and intense training over the coming weeks. Sprints, weights & body-weight exercises will be the order of the day, so here goes.

A note of nutrition during this 7 week period: For the first two weeks I’ll be eating what I normally eat, but being mindful of what’s going in. Sticking to wholegrains, minimising the bread and wheat intake though, and eating plenty of fruits and salads. Still having a blowout though at the weekend with the usual crisps and chocolate. Just not overdoing it. We’re not starving ourselves. The idea is to get our Metabolisms boosted to try and shift the extra pounds, not starve ourselves!

Day 1 Workout

Gently easing into it, these are done at your own pace, throughout the day, but putting plenty of effort in as you do them. Each of these exercises can be fitted into your working day with ease as they only take a few minutes.

  • 10 Pull-ups
  • 3×10 Chair dips
  • 2x 100 Metre Sprints – Flat out, no holds barred
  • 4 minute belly buster
  • Set an interval timer app on your phone for 12 x 20 second intervals. Then do 20 secs on each of the following. No rest in between.
    Mountain Climbers / Plank / Crunches (putting the rest in between). Pushing hard during each work period to get as many in as possible.

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