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Moving to the coast

This blog has been in existence for a number of years now but I’ve never really found a focus for it, which is a real shame. I’ve had random ideas for things that it could feature, and directions in which it could go, but it’s always run aground.

I’ve always had dreams of moving to the coast, and that dream has been something I’ve shared with my family for many years now. The more I think about it, wanting a life by the sea has been floating around somewhere in my thoughts for as long as I can remember. There’s just something about it that makes it so much more attractive and relaxing, than living right it the heart of the Midlands… The sea air, walks along the beach, the ever changing landscape & scenery… So much of it excites me, inspires me and draws me to it, and having just spent 10 days in one of the most beautiful parts of my favourite UK county, Cornwall, my desires to build a life by the sea have been confirmed.

So…  I think, at last, after several years of floundering (no sea related pun intended), I’ve finally found a purpose for Inspired Living! It’s becoming my journal for building a life by the sea. It’s time to get our act together and finally sort out moving to the seaside and begin redesigning our life. So much of our lives so far have been dictated by others. A result of just going with the flow, and letting others make decisions for us…

The Goal?

To move to the coast within 2 years, so that’s summer 2014! Not long to go really, so it’s time to get a move on and get focused. It’s a big goal, but it’s got to be doable… many other people have done it, so why can’t we?


There’s a few options available at the moment:

  • Sell up in the Midlands & buy a home by the coast
  • Rent out the house we live in now, and rent something by the coast with the income from this whilst continuing to pay the mortgage
  • Pay the mortgage off on this house, rent it out, and buy something with the rental income from this.

The latter would be the most perfect solution, but it will take some serious work, dedication and commitment from us to achieve it, and relies on pretty much every venture we undertake being a resounding success! But who knows… I’m a firm believer in anything being possible in this world… You just have to believe in yourself and take action. Taking action triggers a chain reaction, which in triggers other, bigger and better things…

First Steps?

We need a plan… sharpish! Not too detailed, but a plan sure enough that will get us started… Lots to do, and really, not a lot of time to get it all done.

So here’s to life by the coast in 2014… I can’t wait!

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