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A Massive Wake-Up Call – Cornwall 2020 – The Countdown Begins – 630 Days

Yesterday came as a bit of a shock. It was a regular Tuesday until I had a bit of a realisation… I’ve been banging on about relocating to Cornwall for years… In fact looking back at the various attempts I’ve made to get this blog off the ground and failed miserably, it was 2012 when I initially started harping on about moving and trying to convince Tina & Elizabeth that it was a good idea. 2012! And over the past year or two, after various discussions, and me working on them, we’ve kind of set up an unofficial family project… Cornwall 2020. It doesn’t need much explaining really as the clue is there in the title… We’re planning to move to Cornwall in 2020.

Why 2020? Well, Elizabeth will have completed here GCSEs by the end of July 2020, so it makes sense to move down between GCSEs and any form of further education she chooses to do. It also (at the time the project was born) gave us plenty of time to get everything sorted; build the business up, declutter our lives, create spaces we love to be in where we live now, and hopefully get our current house ready to put on the market.

Now, in the middle of all that, life has thrown us a number of curveballs… Most notably in 2013… the year after I began harping on about moving… Tina was diagnosed with breast cancer. This came as a whopper of a blow to all of us. And my goodness it was tough going for all of us, not to mention Tina. Thankfully all is well now and she should get the all clear at the end of this year (2018).

The whole “bc” experience brought with it several positive experiences and changes in our lives though… We now have a dog, and therefore exercise way more than we ever did before. This can only be a good thing, walking roughly 5 miles a day with our 3.5-year-old Spaniel Lola, who is quite frankly, bonkers, can’t do us any harm, right? And I think it also made us focus on what we really want… Job wise, family wise, life experience wise. Sounds really cliched but why should we waste time watching everyone else have a life? Let’s create our own! So 5 years on, touch wood, things are going well business wise. We’ve become an employer (something I never thought we’d do). We’ve created a range of over 300 products which has established us as a leading supplier and manufacturer in the model & hobby field, and it’s slowly enabling us to see the Cornwall 2020 project come to fruition.

And last week, and probably most importantly, Tina & I finally tied the knot, and in fact, today is our 7th day as a married couple! After 22 years together, and 17 of those being engaged, we’re now finally married!

Now… organising a wedding is no mean feat. In fact, it’s kind of an all-consuming project that I wouldn’t want to do in a hurry… only because of the sheer amount of work and brain power needed to make the day go smoothly! And I think for at least 2 weeks beforehand, both of our heads were just full of wedding stuff and not much else… With little or no “day-job” work being done at all really. But now the deed is done, our heads are clear and free to think about the future… Moving to the coast… Crikey… Big move but there’s plenty of time, no? (And here comes the wake-up call bit…) Cornwall 2020. Until yesterday, it always seemed ages away. It’s July 2018… We’d need to put our current house on the market in spring 2020 so we can move when work is a little quieter in the summer. So if we say April 2020, that’s just 90 weeks time! Not long. Less than 2 years. As my business coach pointed out just before midnight last night, it’s 630 days. His exact words were “We need to get a bit of a shift on here!”.

You’re not kidding!

That’s not long at all, considering the level we need the business at, to make the move happen, at least to the type of property we need to give us space to live & work without it being as cramped and overloaded as it is here.

So what’s the plan? Finally use this blog as a bit of a diary to track our progress. Not with a view to anyone even reading it, but as a journal to keep a note of where we are, how far we’ve come and what still needs to be done. (I’m rubbish at keeping a written diary, so maybe doing it on here will help?… Worth a shot anyway).

Step 1: then on the big Cornwall 2020… the realisation that there are only 630 days until our current house goes on the market. Elizabeth has just 5 school terms in that timeframe, and they fly by!

Step 2: I can honestly say that I started to panic a bit yesterday, thinking of the amount of work that needs to be done to pull the move off, so I hopped on Facebook and asked for recommendations for decorators. It’s perhaps a bit of a knee-jerk reaction, (Tina says I’m good at those), but I needed, for my own sanity, to feel like we’d started making progress with getting our current house into shape. So the first of three decorators popped round last night to give us a quote for working through the house with us, decorating each room, one by one to get the place ready to sell. I’m waiting patiently now for the price.

So that’s Day 1 of 630… We’ve got to make every day count now… Even in some small way, to make the move happen.

Right, time to stop rambling on now and get something done. Let’s see what Day 2 brings.

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