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Day 2 – Cornwall 2020 – 629 Days

Ok so Day 2 of the 630 days until Cornwall 2020. How did we get on? I think the first thing I’ve realised is just how much clutter we need to get rid of! I thought we were pretty good, to be honest at keeping things to a minimum, but when you actually think about it, there are so many “bits” lying around in drawers etc that it would just be nuts to try and pack them up and move them 250/300 miles south! Why would you? Pulling off Cornwall 2020 could be an absolutely mammoth task, so getting stuck in now is critical, even if it’s just getting rid of “stuff”. So we’re on it like a car bonnet as they say. Not going nuts… just little and often, to minimise the amount of stuff we’ve got. It’s not big things in most cases either, especially where work is concerned. My desk is covered with random parts from kits, test cuts & prints. Paperwork that really needs shredding or dealing with. Plus if we’re going to rearrange our workspace in a fortnights time, I’ve really got to get on that like yesterday.

Day 2 progress summary then:

  • Launched a new product: SX002 Card Kit Assembly Jig.
  • Listed wedding decorations on Etsy. We really can’t afford the space to keep hold of them so they may as well be sold off now.
  • First IGTV video blog done. Slow uptake but at least the videos can be automatically posted to our Facebook Page.
  • Contacted two other decorators to come and quote for painting and decorating right through the house ready to put it on the market. Just waiting for them to let us know when they can come round.

Not huge leaps, but better than nothing!

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