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628 Days

Bit of a struggle getting going today. Certainly, don’t like to struggle this early on in the project, but a few things conspired to make getting going a bit more difficult than usual. But we made progress today, albeit it small.

  • Contacted Jayne at Live Beside The Sea. They’re basically a property finding service in the South West, who can deal with a lot of the grunt work in finding a property. I know it’s early days, but I thought it was worth making contact now so we have a better idea of how it all works and how she can help with the process. After all it’s a big move!
  • Barry the Joiner popped round to double check the details on the office restructure. He’s all set to build the module (like a very short & wide corridor) that will link our two offices together and allow us to move the laser cutters into the small office.
  • Made a little headway on a couple of projects. N gauge version of the LX051 is ready to test cut. I’ll try and do that today. And I’ve part completed the product photography booth. Didn’t get a chance to do a video though unfortunately.
  • Railway Modellers Club Sample boxes are a step closer though after a push forward today. The fudge has arrived & bags have been ordered. Thank you cards have been designed and printed, and they’re ready to guillotine up tomorrow. Laser cutting of the sample kits is in full swing.
  • Gradual declutter continues… The hard work starts tomorrow though as I’ve got to start moving stuff out of the small office ready for Barry getting stuck in a week on Monday.

Looking back at the day that’s not a bad bit of progress really I suppose!

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