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Friday 13th July – 627 Days To Go

Well not everyday can be one where we make massive progress. Day 627 was one of those, mainly due to taking care of some custom jobs for customers etc. But we did get a few things done that help towards the big goal.

  • Taken shelf down in small office where the door will be. And moved the models that were on the shelf back into the house. They’ve also been listed for sale in a few Modelling groups on Facebook.
  • Finally got round to making up a simple photo booth to improve our product photography. Made from a baseboard module and a few sheets of paper. As someone pointed out on Facebook we could have purchased one from eBay for about £20, but this costs virtually nothing really other than a little time. And it was fun making it.
  • I ’ve had two Hornby trainsets sat up on a shelf for at least two years, and Tina gave me a much-needed kick up the rear yesterday to get the individual components listed on our website. Hopefully, we can shift them this weekend.
  • Completed card parts & postcards for surprise box for club members. Fudge & bags arrived.
  • Small amount of office decluttering done.



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