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Sunday 15th July – 625 Days To Go

Sunday was mostly a day of getting ready for our holiday next week while gradually tidying up and decluttering as we went, with a couple of trips to the tip to get rid of old cardboard, the broken birdbath and a number of other “junk” items we had lying around in the garden.

It was also a good day for a bit of reflection while pottering about running the laser cutters to prepare stuff for the RailwayModellers.com club surprise box, mostly with me wondering if counting down the days until the big move is a good thing or not? It seems like the real pressure is on now. Even with 600+days to go, it feels like quite a weight on our shoulders, well for me at least. We’ll just have to see how it goes. But I think over the coming months, it’ll be a case of just trying to build a bit of momentum. There’s also added pressure at the minute financially. The summer is proving to be quite a long & hot one, so the seasonality of our business is being amplified by the hot, dry weather. Who wants to sit inside playing trains and building models when the sun’s out and it’s like being in the Med right here in your own back garden. Compared to last year we’re a good 20% down on takings, which is playing on my mind rather considerably. But we’ll get by.

The added pressures of wages to pay, VAT and machine leases that have all increased as the business has grown mean things can get a bit tight if we have a lean two or three months. As soon as the weather changes and we get some rain though, sales should take off like a rocket.

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