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Monday 16th July – 624 Days To Go

Small steps again today towards the big move as the heat in both offices is rather unbearable at times. I can see why the Europeans have a siesta in the afternoons and then return to work later in the day when it’s cooled down a little. Air conditioning is a definite must for all workspaces when we do move.

Made excellent progress on the sample boxes. We’ve now packed around 100 I think ready to go, and should be able to get the rest done tomorrow. A little more decluttering in the office, and the best news is we’ve shifted pretty much all the stuff from the Hornby sets I listed on Scale Model Scenery over the weekend. Just a few bundles of track to sell from those now and they’re all gone. So that’s the space on top of the cupboard in the spare room completely clear now.

Moved the 3d printer in the small office too so the joiner can come and do modifications we need doing next week.

Tina and I also did our first run together as a married couple today! Just the usual circuit around the disused railway lines between Ellistown, Hugglescote & Coalville… Approximately 3km ish I think. Not bad for the first day getting back into it. Could have ran a little further I think but we were both beginning to feel it in our legs. I think Wednesday we’ll up our game a bit and try to do a full 30 mins or maybe even 5km again.

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