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Tuesday 17th July – 623 Days To Go

Busy day as always. Set up the landing page for the club members surprise boxes and prepared them all for dispatch tomorrow. Really hoping they go down well and encourage folks to remain members of the club. Only time will tell though.

Further office decluttering done, although a good proportion has been made of up hiding things in drawers for the time being. But those drawers will get sorted once the two offices have been joined together.

Just had another decorator pop round to quote for painting pretty much every room in the house over the coming year, so we now have some rough figures to work with for that. Sales have got to improve dramatically though over the next couple of months to make any of it happen. This long hot summer is doing wonders for the suntan but the bank balance is getting a right old hammering. Going to have to shuffle a little cash around I think before it’s time to run the payroll this month. But we’ve got 2 weeks left of July yet. I think it feels like it’s almost the end of the month as we’re going away ok holiday on Friday.

Wedding thank you cards designed and printed too, ready to post out tomorrow also.

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