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Sunday 22nd July – 619 Days To Go

Ok so there’s been a bit of a hiatus in posting of late, mostly due to trying to cram too much into each day in the run up to our holiday. So while I’m the first one to get up and showered on this rather sunny and warm, lazy Sunday, I thought I’d do a quick update. And look at that view! If anyone wonders why I really want to move to the coast I think it’s obvious from that photo. Having views like that on your doorstep would just be amazing!

Nothing particularly groundbreaking has happened since the last post but I’m proving to myself again that consistency and persistence is the key to acheiving pretty much anything in life. And having spoken to my business coach again this week I’m more fired up that ever to make the Cornwall 2020 project happen. In fact both Tina and I have experienced quite an odd feeling of late. Nothing to do with getting married or anything. In the past we’ve always looked forward to going on holiday, and haven’t particularly looked forward to going home. But this time it’s quite odd. Yes we’ve looked forward to spending a week down by the coast in Marazion, but we’re also quite looking forward to getting back and getting on with things. There’s loads of new products in chomping at the bit to design and release. There’s problems with the operational side of the business that need dealing with and we’re kind of looking forward to the challenge.

Coming away for the week however gives us time to clear our heads and prepare ourselves for what will hopefully be a busy winter model making season.

Back home, everything is ready for Barry to come in and do his thing joinery wise to link the two office buildings together. Lots of work still to do though to make the office reshuffle work. There’s a wall to take out, extraction ducting to put in and more besides.

All that while we begin to prepare for the biggest exhibition we’ve ever done which is coming up in November… Warley. Really got to get organised for that over the next couple of months so we can make the impact we’re hoping for at the show.

Anyway, we managed to get all the surprise boxes packed and dispatched prior to coming away, and they’ve begun to arrive with their intended recipients. I think they’ve done the trick. I don’t think anyone has cancelled their membership at least, so that’s a good thing.

So today looks like it’s going to be a warm and sunny one so we may head over to Gwithian for a few hours on the bodyboards.

Time to get some breakfast organised.

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