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Myself & My Fiance Tina

Myself & My Fiance Tina

Well, where do I start? I’ve never been a great wordsmith that’s for sure. haha. Here goes… I’m a 36 year old Self Employed entrepreneur from Leicestershire in the UK. I have a gorgeous fiance who I love very much and without her love and support there would be little point in me even bothering with this mularky! The other inspiration in my life is my 5 year old daughter who I’m extremely proud of. She’s stubborn as hell and puts me in my place already so I think she’ll be a force to be reckoned with as she grows up.

Business wise, I run my own business, a web development and marketing company which focuses on a variety of Internet based projects from promoting other sites via affiliate programs to running my own membership based sites. I also dabble with a bit of Ebay stuff and I’m always thinking of new projects that might, just might take off and make my fortune. The whole purpose of this site is to document My journey from being basically pretty skint to hopefully getting my act together and gaining financial freedom and living a more self sufficient & eco friendly life. While many of the subjects on this blog might at times seem a bit unconnected and random, there is method in my madness I can assure you, and somewhere in all this, hopefully you might be able to take a little inspiration from some of my experiences and endeavours that will change your life for the better too. If that happens, then my work is done…

So I hope you’ll stick around for the witty, the boring and random ramblings that spew out of my somewhat fuddled and often a little confused mind over the coming months… heck… it might take years… arrrgghhh…. are you sure?

Oh well… here goes.

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